Fish and the magical wish

A conversation with the Fish,
and a magical demon who wants to grant him a wish. 
If you can zoom into space, 
where would you like to transport yourself now ? 
Where? Why ? 
Describe the space, Will you ? 
If given a choice, 
If given the magic, 
where would you like 
to transport yourself? 
before you wish, 
listen, listen 
to my words. 
It might be to places
beyond imagination, 
or memories,
sweet and cherished. 
To places, hazardous, 
or unimaginable
To places, where 
you met your friends. 
Choice is yours. 
now, let your mind wander, 
into the field of dreams,
SO, you could write,
and write and write and write.
But wait, oh magic demon.
I, the poor guy,
have neither loved ones,
nor wishes.
seems the only companion
I’m waiting for.
What do I wish for ?
What do I cherish ?
Where do I travel ?
Oh, poor soul, 
Forget the world, 
forget yourself. 
Look at the night sky, 
the twinkling stars. 
Forget your worries. 
Forget your pain. 
Look, there, 
a fire-fly 
in the air. 
Forget yourself, 
forget the past. 
Look, a frog! 
Jump and croak. 
Tell me now, 
with your dreamy eyes,
where would you like 
to transport yourself ?
Teary eyed,
I write these words,
for I know not
a friend that’d help.
But now that you are
I shall dream,
and let words flow.
Where would I like to go ?
What would I like to do ?
Given the choice,
to fly like birds,
as fast as light,
beyond the worries,
and pain that bundles me.
Where would I go ?
I ease a bit,
relax a little.
I ask my mind,
and then my heart.
So, there, I see.
That’s where they want to be.
TO meditate in the moon,
to walk the tallest of mountains,
to dream from the magnificent view.
To fly in the air,
like those butterflies.
That is all I want,
to be free.
[note: The above piece of writing is a part of Wordress’ daily writing challenge: #writing101
To know more, visit: ]

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